Tired of agencies that don't drive strategy?

Kick iOS to the curb. We've been growing businesses the sustainable way since long before the "Facebook apocalypse."


Your plug-and-play growth team

We'll build an overall growth strategy, then get the resources to execute.

iOS-proof tactics

We've spent the last 3 years perfecting the strategies that the rest of the industry are just starting to catch on to.

Zero-party data first

Surveys, quizzes, post-purchase upsells. We optimize the shopping experience for data collection & revenue.

Clear communication

No-BS reporting, and clear action steps. We build the strategy,.get it done. and tell you what worked and what didn't.

Why Trust Loop Club?

See how we stack up to our competition.

Other Agencies
Trained at top-tier agencies & unicorn brands.
You never know what you're getting.
Winning frameworks that drive results.
Either expensive or not included.
Partners with Reveal for deep analysis.
Probably never heard of it.
Media Buyers scramble to get things done.
Partnered with the best of the ecosystem.
May not know the ideal stack - or who to call for help.
We'll build, optimize, and run them for you.
You'll be on your own.
Included on all accounts.
Only if you're a huge account.
Youtube for acquisition
Track record of scaling YouTube.
Very few people have done this successfully.
Yup, we'll do that for you.
Not gonna touch your website.
Quizzes & Multi-step popups
Vital to lead gen & campaign optimization.
Probably won't tackle that either.

Check out our results...

💍 Increasing a jewelry brand's media efficiency by over 4X while scaling spend - now they're only limited by inventory.

🗾 Scaling this map-makers revenue - leading to an official Facebook case study.

Our Services

Our integrated teams choose the best strategies
and tactics for your business - then execute.

Creative-first paid media

Drive rapid growth with the biggest lever you have.

Our team has spent over $50M on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. We build high-performing creative that gets views, clicks, and sales.


Drive revenue and profit through Customer Value Optimization.

By identifying your best customers, using targeted strategics to bring back lapsed customers, requesting UGC, and soliciting feedback from your list, you'll drive incremental revenue as well as inform the product roadmap.

First-party data

Know your customer.

Simply adding a quiz question to your on-site popup can triple or quadruple your email capture opt-in rate. We use multi-step popups, quizzes, giveaways, UGC funnels, and surveys to learn about your customers and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Post-purchase upsells

Increasing average order value makes your whole funnel more profitable.

A missed opportunity in almost all Shopify eCommerce stores. Simply adding a post-purchase upsell can add 10% incremental topline revenue right away - and then we work our way up from there.

Landing Pages & CRO

Optimize conversion rate with high-performing pages.

Whether you're acquiring emails, driving conversions, or educating customers, landing pages are an essential tool in any marketer's arsenal. If you can double your conversion rate, you double your revenue overnight - don't sleep on your site experience!

Our clients love us

We've serviced 50+ clients this year, from startups to enterprises.

Rabble Wine
"We went from a $30k business to a $400k business in 5 months.

You go above and beyond what is asked of you and you want the business to succeed. 

You figure out what needs to happen and you do the things to get there.

I work with a lot of third parties and I can tell you that’s not the case with other folks.

It was very, very, very amazing for me to feel that supported."

- Kristen Russ, Director of Marketing
"You guys know what you're doing.

We had made pretty serious goes at Facebook advertising at least twice before we started with Loop Club.

For the first time, we're seeing compelling metrics in terms of conversion.

Onboarding was incredibly easy - we went from the concept of the campaign to launching it, testing it, and starting to scale it very quickly.

- Ariel Faulker-O'brien, CMO

Muir Way
"There's probably no better agency I'd recommend.

We've seen growth in all aspects of our business, both in spend but also in ROI as well.

It's been excellent!"

- Jared Prince, CEO/Founder
Google Ads
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The Club

The Club is our flexible team of growth experts from around the world. You'll likely need a combination of different skillsets to scale your brand. We'll provide the strategies, the people, and the systems to get you where you want to go - as efficiently as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of budgets do you work with?

We're best suited for brands with proven products who are spending at least $10k per month on paid media (typically much more), and have at minimum $50k in monthly revenue. Prior to that, we find that growth is less predictable, and there's more involvement needed from the founding team. A dedicated freelancer is often a better choice in these situations - get in touch and we'd be happy to refer you to one in our network.

How long does it take to see results?

Some of our strategies - like post-purchase upsells - can be very quick wins, and add 5-10% to your topline revenue in a matter of days. But real, sustainable growth takes testing and iteration. You're likely to see positive signs in your first month, some significant wins in month 2 and by month 3 you'll have a proven framework & steady growth.

How are you different from other agencies?

Great question! Most agencies built their systems and processes prior to iOS 14, and their media buying teams are having a hard time pivoting from a "data-driven" (ie. technical media buying-driven) model to a creative and first-party data-led model.

The successes we've had in our careers are all based in marketing fundamentals: thumbstopping creative, a compelling landing page, and a rock-solid retention strategy. The platforms have been obscuring data from advertisers for years - so we developed 7 strategies that we deploy on every account that help mitigate the iOS 14 update's impact. Most agencies are not doing that - instead they just blame iOS every meeting and watch your numbers go down.

Your account is led by an overall growth lead, who allocates budget and resources wherever they're most impactful. Most agencies will just pawn off your account to a channel manager who isn't thinking about the whole business, and who was trained in a completely different era of marketing.

Why has iOS 14 tanked my Facebook account?

The iOS 14 update did two things:

1. Made it more difficult for Facebook to track who purchased based on your ads, and
2. Gave Facebook's artificial intelligence less data to use in optimization.

So audience quality has gotten slightly worse (leading to a drop in conversion rate for most advertisers), and the Facebook Ads Manager has become a *much* less accurate source for knowing how your advertising is doing. Some reports estimate that 40-60% of conversions are no longer being tracked in the platform.

That doesn't necessarily mean that your advertising isn't working! We've been advocating for post-purchase surveys since January - well before the update dropped. We use that data in tandem with blended metrics and engagement metrics to get a clearer idea of whether your advertising is working.

Most advertisers are still driving a good volume of conversions from their Facebook ads, but they're just not visible in the platform. If you rely solely on Facebook Ads Manager to guide your media spend, you'll likely under-invest in top-of-funnel, which will cause problems for your business after a few months.

In 20 years, people will look back at the period of time when we could track every single conversion as a momentary blip in advertising history. You don't need to see every conversion to drive advertising performance - you just need great campaigns and a reliable (ie. predictable) measurement system.

Book a call and we'll show you how we do it. It's not rocket science.

I already have email flows set up - how is your retention package different?

Nowadays, the core flows and campaigns are table stakes.

Our retention package goes beyond by integrating revenue-driving technologies like LoyaltyLion and Okendo, adding post-purchase upsells to boost average order value, and building RFM segments with Reveal in order to identify your best customers, as well as those at risk of churning.

We also optimize your core flows & campaigns, of course, and find new ways to get more revenue out of your existing audience.

How do you communicate with us?

It's up to you! On our light packages, we're available for help desk requests via email, and project management via Asana. Upgrading to our Standard package gives you access to our Slack ;)

What's your pricing like?

We like to take a look at your business before we give you a real quote, but we start at $5k/mo.

What kinds of brands do you work with?

We've worked with 6-, 7- and 8-figure DTC Shopify and Shopify Plus brands like Feetures, Honest Paws, and NOTO. Brands that are a fit for us have proven traction, a clear value proposition, and a strong in-house marketing team. We slot in as an extension of your existing team, bringing new ideas to the table, executing, and delivering results.

We also work well with rollups, private equity groups, and holding companies. We can easily scale our expertise across your portfolio, providing both significant leverage and a single "throat to choke." If you are looking to quickly inject growth marketing expertise into your organization, we may be a good fit.

Lastly, we service enterprises like Unilever. Whether you're testing a new brand, scaling an existing brand, or undergoing a digital transformation, we can help mitigate risk and deliver world-class outcomes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team.

How do I know I can trust you?

We come out of some of the fastest-growing agencies and startups in the country, and have proven experience driving growth. We take pride in our deep ecosystem relationships, and have close partnerships with most of the leading technology solutions on Shopify. We do our best to make realistic promises and keep them - and when we can't, we'll tell you what's missing and try to fill the gap.

Ready to chat?

Schedule a call with us now. Worst case, you'll leave with some useful info on how to grow your business.